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Welcome to the Magazine Writer's Academy

Get Started as a Freelance Magazine Writer – from Scratch

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The #1    Secret

Magazines, newspapers and online outlets need THOUSANDS of professional articles every week ...


What most people don't know is that there are SO many magazine markets out there that they have never even heard about. The few titles you see on the news stand make up only a small portion of the market. 

Once our students get to know the broader market in their country - several hundred magazines who are in need of professional writers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis - it is a huge AHA. Well-written journalistic articles are in high demand all over the world!


This is Freelance Magazine Writing 101

The fun and eye-opening online education that teaches you everything you need to know to start a new career as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers. Everything you learn is based on insider information from pros with more 20+ years of experience in the field. 

Our students have published more than 1000 articles in 120+ different magazines and newspapers after completing this course.

Now, it's your turn!

Ready to join our growing tribe of professional

freelance magazine journalists?

Look what they have accomplished after this course:










Kine Nymo (35) was a night nurse and had no previous professional writing experience. She sold her first article to one of Norway's most well-known women's magazines (Kamille) right after the course. They wanted 20 more shortly after, and she soon became a regular freelancer for that same magazine! (Yep, those are all of the 20 magazines she is holding ...) 

Sounds incredible? Well, she thought so too. 

Ready to do the same?

In 6 weeks you can have your first article planned, written, pitched and sold to the magazine of your choice.

So what are you waiting for?

Why Freelance for Magazines?

... oh, my friend. Here are 3 good reasons (there are SO many more):


No formal degree needed

Did you know that any good writer can become a freelance journalist? It is a well-kept secret: You do NOT need a formal degree in journalism. You need to know the craft, the rules and the insider hacks. And yes, you can do this completely from scratch, as long as you have experienced people from the business to teach you everything you need to know. And that, my friend, is our specialty! After this online course you will have both the know-how, the skills and the confidence to call yourself a freelance journalist, and you will know exactly what to do to get a YES!


Work From ANYWHERE, and on your OWN schedule

As a freelance journalist, you are exactly that: FREE. To do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever it suits you best. It is a true blessing to be able to work from wherever you call "home". Also, you have the chance to acquire a HUGE network in the journalism business, since you can write for 10+ different magazines on a regular basis. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it can become reality. Just ask our former students. 


Creative Freedom: Write About What You Love

In other types of writing jobs, you most often don't get to decide what to write about. As a freelance journalist who knows how to get your foot in the door at any magazine out there, YOU are the boss. When you can angle, plan, research, format, write and sell an article like a pro, there is not much that can stop you, is it?  


I’ve learned more from taking this course than I did during four years of journalism studies! Before the course, I could never get through to the editors with my ideas. But after following the curriculum and the advice from the mentors, I sold nine articles even before I finished the course! Anyone who wants to succeed as a freelance journalist should definitely listen to everything they have to teach you. It is worth gold!

- Terese Torgersen, former student of the course


Quick  Facts


Location: Online 

Duration: 6 weeks

Videos: 4-5 new video lessons are released every Monday (watch them in your own time) 

Help sheets and exercises: With each module comes a set of figures, plans, templates and exercises that will deepen your knowledge of the material. 

Live Webinars: Every week with expert mentors! You can send us your ideas, pitches and full texts for live feedback. 

Facebook Q&A: Every week you'll also get your Qs answered from the mentors in our private Facebook group. 

Access: 1 year access to the course material! No rush. 

The Course Content

This is what you'll learn...



Get to Know the Magazines and the Markets

The number one mistake freelance writers make, is not knowing how to to find their markets and make sure that their story ideas fit into each magazine concept. This easy, eye-opening method will help you decipher both the concept, the target reader and the types of articles of any magazine out there. You are basically reading the editorial staff’s mind! You will also get to know all of the numerous magazine markets out there, and for most people it's a huge AHA!



Discover Your Potential as a Magazine Writer

The second biggest mistake freelance writers make, is not to see their value on the market and therefore, not believing in themselves as professional, paid writers. What can you offer the editors that you are not even aware of? What is your hidden value as a writer? You will be surprised! When you learn how to use your daily life to generate sellable article ideas, you will never be short on them again.



How to Find Great Ideas That Sell

The third biggest mistake freelancers make, is not to angle, format and package their ideas to fit the magazine's image before they pitch them. In this step you will learn all the crucial factors to help you create unique, sellable ideas. You will also know about the hooks and news criteria you need to enthrall editors and readers alike. Believe me, what you’ll learn here will make all the difference!



The Content - Research & Interviews

The forth typical mistake freelance writers make, is not to write the article in a journalistic way. This means using research, expert sources and interviews with real people. It also means making sure the article is balanced and unbiased. In this step you will get all the essential tips you need to do the job as a professional journalist. Doing research and conducting interviews is so much more fun than you think!



Creating the Article – the Writing Process

The fifth typical mistake freelancers make, is not to organise their article into a recognisable, easily readable pattern. What happens is that the editor takes one look at it, exhales heavily and takes a bite of her lunch instead. It just seems too exhausting to clean it up! Become the editors’ favourite writer with our proven template, and get all the bits and pieces of a professional article explained.



The Sales Pitch That Will Land You Dream Assignments

The sixth typical mistake freelancers make is a) Not knowing how to formulate a query b) Having no idea who to pitch to and c) Not sending out any queries at all, out of fear of being rejected. You’re in good company! After completing this final step, you will know exactly what to include and what to omit, how to structure your pitches and how formal or conversational they should be. And you will have the courage to try! So what’s stopping you, then? Nothing, right?


"In this online course I reveal my personal method and how I've been able to get a YES 90% of the times that I pitch my ideas to a magazine."


This is your time to shine. Enroll today and get ready for a one-of-a-kind freelance writing adventure!

Let's do This!

+ Invaluable BONUSES   for    Writers-to-be ...

Look at all these awesome bonuses

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Magazine Safari Guide

A comprehensive guide showing you where to find all of the different magazines out there! Get ready to be surprised ...

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Templates & Check Lists

You will get templates, check lists, figures, plans and more so that you'll get the most out of this course.


Weekly Webinars

Every week you can join our mentor team and the other students in LIVE webinars where you get answers to your Qs + direct feedback on your angles, pitches and articles. Going pro!

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VIP Facebook Group

Yep, you will be a part of our unique, closed Facebook-group, where you will also get weekly help from our magazine mentors, in writing. 

+ An    Awesome Diploma!


... Yes, you are right! You do not need a diploma to be a journalist. But, still, this proof gives you bragging rights ;D


The Course Creator


Meet Vivian Songe, Founder of The Magazine Writer's Academy

Vivian has a degree in Journalism, Literature, Anthropology and Media Studies from the University of Oslo, Norway and the University of Aarhus, Denmark. She has been a freelance writer, editor and editor-in-chief for several consumer magazines, newspapers and online publications for 20 years. Her articles have been featured in more than 30 of the major magazines and newspapers in Norway.


She has also been a media consultant for three major publishing houses and cowritten two journalistic books. Her fields of expertise are consumer magazines, special interests, lifestyle, personal development, culture and travel. Vivian lives in Oslo, Norway, when she is not traveling the world with her family. This course was born on a beach in Mexico in 2013. 

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