Tips for Writing Captivating Headlines

If you’re anything like me, creating an intriguing headline can be the hardest part of a magazine assignment.

After all, if your headline is a dud, who’s going to want to read the rest of your work. That’s a lot of pressure for five to seven little words!

When it’s time for me to come up with headlines, I always think about the following three ways to come up with headlines, and inevitably something works.

Try it next time you’re working on a headline, and let us know how these methods work for you.

Sticking to the classics is always a good idea.

Pick up any magazine on the newsstand, and you’ll see headlines such as:

  • “Secrets of ___”
  • “____ Ways to ____” and
  • “Are You _____?”

These classic headlines make people think about themselves in the situation you’re mentioning, for example, “Secrets of Rapid Weight Loss”, “3 Ways to Write an Attention Grabbing Headline” and “Are You Eating the Wrong Foods?”

Readers will immediately answer the question in their head, and if the topic resonates, they’ll likely continue reading.

Other headlines that draw readers in are alliterative (“Marvelous Miami”) or a play on words (“Super Bowls” for an article I once wrote about a toilet theme park).

What are your methods for coming up with catchy headlines?} else {

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