Taking Stock of Your 2018 Accomplishments

Ready to dive into the new year, with renewed energy and determination?!

As budding professional writers, one of the best ways to move forward into 2019 is to take a moment to reflect upon and take stock of your accomplishments in 2018.

Here are two essential year-end steps that will help you build your professional writing platform, year after year:

Compile your writing clips. 

A good writer has a go-to portfolio to pull from, since new editors will often ask to see samples of your work. If you've published any work in 2018, be sure to save it.

Keep in mind that online links won't live forever – for pieces published on websites only, be sure to convert them into screenshots or PDF files. Same goes for articles published in print – make sure to scan any printed clips so that you'll have digital files at the ready to share upon request.

Update your resume.

Make sure to update your resume with all of your professional accomplishments from 2018 (do keep an ongoing list of all of the publications you've been published in), as well as any relevant educational coursework completed.

Memories fade over time, so it's best to keep track of your professional endeavors on paper while your achievements are still fresh.

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