Spread Holiday Cheer for Your Freelance Career

Here's one simple way to have the upcoming holidays/new year work to the advantage of your budding freelance career.

Everybody loves to receive mail that isn't a bill or piece of junk mail, right?

And receiving a holiday card is a surefire way to put a smile on just about everybody's face.

That includes editors!

A couple of weeks ago, we advised on getting some business cards printed up, which is an easy and inexpensive way to legitimize your standing as a freelance writer.

Hopefully, you now have those in hands (if not, go ahead and order them stat!).

Make a list of editors at publications that you'd like to write for; you can usually find editors' names and office addresses on magazines’ mastheads or their websites.

Send each editor of interest a (nonreligious) holiday card, with your business card tucked inside, telling them how much you admire their work and their publication, and how you'd love to collaborate with them in the new year.

That's an easy way to make a good first impression, and to get your business card in the hands of the folks you want to be writing for in 2019.

So, go ahead and see how spreading some holiday cheer can help along your freelance writing career!

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