No Ideas? No Problem. Five Tips to Beat Writer’s Block.

Oh, we've all been there. One day your head is overflowing with bubbling ideas, and you don’t even have time to write them all down before they move on out into the galaxy.

But the next day… nah. Suddenly it's completely silent in there, as if the creative spark has taken a self­ appointed break. Maybe it has even hung up a dangling sign: “Be back later.”

But you need to write now! Arrrgh. What on earth can you do when you get writer’s block?

Here are 5 tips that work:

1) Scan the table of contents in a book
Whether you find the book at home, at a friend's house, in a café, at a library or in a bookstore, you will be flabbergasted over how many possible angles for an article you can find this way. You can also find ideas for blog posts, short stories and even novels.

All you have to do is expand on a theme that’s already been thought up for you in one of the chapter headings! You will actually find lots of ready-made angles just by looking at the chapters in any book.

So you're welcome, and voila! (What's for dinner?)

2) Call a friend
Ask one of your friends what bothers or interests her at the moment. As we all know, everyday dramas are bound to pop up in  a group of friends now and then.

If you find something of interest, why not call her to get all of the juicy details? And help her out a little, or of course (win-win).

To create a great article, focus on a very specific part of being human, preferably a challenge. Then elaborate on it, and you've got it!

3) Take a look at the magazine covers on the news stand
Look for something that interests you in magazines! Words, topics, people, quotes, angles. Why not create a new slant on the same theme?

4) Check online newspapers and magazines from other countries
Preferably magazines you know the language of, but sometimes just seeing an image can be enough to bring out the creative spark.

What are they concerned about on this web page/in this paper/in this magazine? Is there a perspective here that you can transfer to a magazine in your own country?

5) What are YOU thinking about at the moment?
What engages you, interests you, irritates you or creates other feelings? There you go!

Jot it down, do your spin on it, and see if you can make it into an article by adding some great sources and interviews.

But don't just take my word on this. Try it out yourself!
I would love to hear what worked for you. Share your thoughts below 😉

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