“If it doesn’t come out perfect the first time, I just give up.”

Does this sound familiar? I’m sure that as a writer, you’ve said this at some point.

If you are a typical human being, there's about a 100% chance that you are getting impatient with what you can accomplish in a short amount of time with minimal effort, compared to the rest of the species on the planet. Right?

Think about the way other species struggle and follow through. Polar bears crawling untiringly up an iceberg, tigers throwing themselves teeth first in an elephant’s neck, moles constantly digging underground without stopping. None of these animals just decide to give up.

I constantly hear fresh writers say things like:

“It’s going so slow! Doing all the research, thinking, writing, editing and putting the content together is such hard work. I feel like it’s going at snail speed. How do you manage to write so many articles so quickly?”

“I don’t get how you put all the words and sentences together. How do you get it to flow so easily, and how can you do the job so fast?”

“I spend so much time on just one article! How in the world can I make a living out of this if I take 2 weeks for one assignment?”

Try, Fail, Try Again…

Deciding that you want to accomplish something is a huge step in the right direction. But getting everything you need down on paper, can prove to be challenging.

Now the fun begins. Try, fail, try, fail and try again, until it just begins to flow.

Believe me, if you mean business and hold yourself to your dream, the day will come when it suddenly feels like second nature.

The day when you suddenly KNOW exactly what you need to do, how to do it and how much time it will take. Technique is no longer just theory, but something that gets under your skin, something you have made your own.

Stay on the Right Track

Do you have to stick to your own (clumsy) technique until you get there? Yes.

Do you have to feel a bit like Bambi on ice before you succeed? Yes.

Is it worth it? Well, this is the thousand dollar question. Only you can answer that.

If you really love to write, you know you have it in you and want the freedom and possibility it brings, it is.

­If you would hate to die before you have been able to offer your poetic influence to the world ­, then yes!

How Much Do You Want It?

I know what it feels like. I could have chosen to continue painting, even though it didn’t go so great the eight times I'd been in class.

I could have chosen to buy an easel and oil paints (which I actually did, but they were never opened and are now collecting dust in the attic) and put aside 30 minutes every day to try to paint a tree that barely could stand up straight, or a face that a four year­ old could have done better.

But did I do that? Nope.

Why not? Because it just wasn’t important enough to me. I didn’t care enough to struggle for it, end of story. I would rather use my time doing other things.

The Price You are Willing to Pay

If it had been easy­, if I had been able to draw beautiful ballerinas, landscapes and portraits, preferably within the first two weeks ­ , then I'm sure I would have continued painting. But the effort it would take to reach a decent level was just too high of a price to pay.

Writing is something totally different. It's my calling. It’s something I can't make an exception for, and I am willing to withstand a lot on the road to “perfection,” because it is largely the road that gives me joy.

What is it that YOU need to practice doing, but that you don’t set aside time to do, because you wish it came out perfect the first time? Did you ever feel like this when writing?

Share your experiences with me below! 🙂

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