FREE Masterclass: How to Get Started in Freelance Magazine Writing

Do You Dream of Writing Freelance Articles for Magazines and Newspapers?

In this free Masterclass I will give you my 7 proven steps that will help you start living your freelance dream … Are you ready? 

In this FREE Masterclass you will learn:

What it takes for YOU to become a freelance writer. I’ll give you some insights into the magazine writing business that might surprise you!

How to pitch an awesome idea for a magazine article, with an ANGLE that the readers will love (yep, I'll tell you all about what that means).

How to structure your article to avoid chaos and impress the editors. I'll even give you the proven template I use.

How to secure a YES from the editor in advance – so you don't need to spend time writing an article nobody wants …

And more…

Sign up for the FREE Masterclass now

(It's a 1,5 hour online class)

See you there!

Good vibes, Vivian

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