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5 New Year’s Resolutions for New Freelance Writers

The new year can’t help but get us thinking about making some resolutions, and to reflect on ways that we can improve ourselves and our lives in the year ahead. For you freelance writers readying to write your way to success in 2016, here are 5 easy-breezy new year’s resolutions to help make sure that…

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Spread Holiday Cheer for Your Freelance Career

Here’s one simple way to have the upcoming holidays/new year work to the advantage of your budding freelance career. Everybody loves to receive mail that isn’t a bill or piece of junk mail, right? And receiving a holiday card is a surefire way to put a smile on just about everybody’s face. That includes editors!…

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New Year, New Angles

As writers, the holidays should be much more than just a time for celebration (though, of course, there’s plenty of room for that, too!). For freelance writers, all of the annual holidays should also serve as triggers to brainstorm potential story angles. These special occasions offer the perfect opportunity to come up with timely story “hooks”…

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