Magazine Writer's Academy

Vivian Songe

About Us

The Magazine Writer’s Academy is an online magazine journalism school

The academy that lets you keep your feet in the sand and your head in the sky!

Our vision is to help aspiring writers like you reach their ultimate dream:

Earn a living as a freelance writer, from anywhere in the world.

The way we help you achieve this, is by teaching you everything you need to know to succeed as a freelance writer, by using our proven step by step-method in the online course Freelance Magazine Writing 101:

  • How to understand and find the right magazine markets
  • How to discover your own value as a content contributor
  • How to find great ideas and angle them so that they fit each concept
  • How to structure your articles so that the editors will love them
  • How to do great research and interviews, using the journalistic method
  • How to develop your unique voice and style to stand out in the market place

_MG_1643-599In short: How to give the magazine editors exactly what they want! While having the time of your life.

Vivian Songe is the founder of The Magazine Writer’s Academy. She has lived and breathed this life for almost 20 years herself – both as a freelance writer, staff writer, editor and Editor-In-Chief for national magazines and news papers in Norway. So she knows first hand what works and what doesn’t.

She has also cowritten books and worked as a media consultant for publishing houses.

Since she started the online school in 2013 (from a beach in Mexico), hundreds of passionate writers have joined her course, achieving astounding results.

Many of them have quit their jobs and started pursuing a writing career full time.

They say they’ve never had so much fun learning something new.

Our school has a team of international magazine writing experts from different countries, like Norway, Sweden, USA and The Netherlands, ready to help you reach you dream.

For more info about our online course, go here 🙂


“I have learned more from this course than during 4 years in Journalism School. This is what you need in the real world! The teaching style in The Magazine Writer’s Academy is lively, modern and completely hands-on and taken from real-life. I succeeded in writing and selling my 9 first articles thanks to this course. Suddenly I knew how to get through to the editors and actually sell my stories! The online course Freelance Magazine Writing 101 made the whole difference”. Terese Torgersen, former student