4 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

If you find yourself fidgeting in your seat and your fingers absentmindedly typing in the URL to Facebook, you may be suffering from a classic bout of writer’s block.

Although it can be quite a pesky affliction, there’s nothing unusual about it in the slightest…all writers go through it from time to time.

But it’s the way writers handle it that sets the amateurs and the professionals apart. Professionals work through it right away to get back on track to meet deadlines.

Here are four ways you can summon the professional writer within and kick writer’s block to the curb.

1. Do anything else creative. 

Writing may be your preferred outlet for expressing your creativity, but when you get stuck, give it a rest. Try your hand at painting, baking, gardening, scrapbooking…anything else that lets your mind run free with creative ideas. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that while you’re working on something else entirely, you’ll likely come up with new ideas for your writing.

2. Exercise.

Yes, you know you’re supposed to do at least 30 minutes a day for health purposes, but exercise also helps unleash reserves of creativity. When you’re hard pressed for ideas, step back from your desk to do some yoga or take a walk and feel your mind start to refresh.

3. Do morning pages.

Writer Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way advises creative types to start their day by writing three pages with pen and paper. She claims that by letting the words flow uninhibited from your mind to your hand can unleash creative reserves you never knew you had.

4. Get rid of distractions. 

Some people have trouble focusing on the task at hand because cell phones are ringing, Twitter is chirping…you get the idea. Remove yourself from these distractions and set a timer for at least 20 uninterrupted minutes where you do nothing but put words on a page. When the 20 minutes are up, allow yourself 5 minutes online, then turn off the Wi-Fi and set the timer for another 20 minutes of writing time. Repeat until you’re writing goals for the day are met.

How do you overcome writer’s block?


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