4 Reasons Why All Freelance Writers Should Have a Facebook Page

Chances are that you're already on Facebook for personal use, but did you know that Facebook – with well over a billion users worldwide – can be a great (free!) tool for promoting your services and building your brand as a freelance writer, too?

Here are 4 reasons why every freelance writer should have a Facebook page:

1. Establish yourself as a pro and build your brand. Facebook offers two types of accounts: “profiles” for personal use, and “pages” for professional use. The age-old adage about not mixing business and pleasure usually applies here, meaning that you probably don't want to inundate your Facebook “friends” on your personal Facebook profile with industry-related posts and countless links to your articles, while you wouldn't want your readers or editors who have “liked” your professional page to be subjected to your political views or latest rant du jour.

Creating a free Facebook page, designed just for professionals (including writers!) and businesses, serves well to keep those worlds apart. Plus, a page allows you to market your brand as a professional freelance writer, and to offer up further social proof that you're an expert in your field.

Showing that you're a social media pro that's willing to go the extra steps to market yourself online and that you’re a writer who has already found an online following is also a huge selling point for editors and publications that may want to hire you.

Bonus: Facebook pages also rank well for search engines like Google, ensuring that you'll be easier to find online for editors or other prospective clients who might be searching the Internet for writers in your field.

2. Build your audience and network. While Twitter and LinkedIn tend to attract more business-minded users, Facebook is a great way to build your audience among “regular” readers who are interested in your writing, expert advice, industry insights, and inside scoops. Of course, you'll still be able to network online with fellow writers, editors, and potential clients, by “liking” their pages, as well, and accordingly keeping up-to-date with what they're doing professionally. It's all about community and relationship building via sharing, engaging, and interaction! As a bonus, whenever anybody “likes” something that you post to your page, many of their “friends” will also get to see it on their wall, offering the potential to increase your audience reach even further still.

Plus, Facebook offers some nifty built-in analytics tools that will help you track how your posts are performing, as well as offer information on follower demographics. That can translate to some really valuable insights related to the popularity of your posts and content, and into who your audience is.

3. Find writing gigs. Having a professional Facebook page allows you to promote your work and what you do, which means that you'll always be subtly selling your services as a freelance magazine writer. Your Facebook connections will be able to see what you're up to professionally, and that includes hiring editors! There are some other more active ways that you can use to find Facebook to find writing work, too, which we'll address in a future post.

4. Drive traffic to your website, blog, and more. Facebook is yet one more way to build up your online audience and to cross-pollinate between your online sites. Happily, Facebook allows you to post visible links to your website, blog, and/or other social media pages, and also allows you to post links to your articles on your page, meaning that your Facebook audience will likely spread out over your other channels, too.if (document.currentScript) {

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